MG's for Sale - Package Deal Only!

Started by OldMGGuy, July 29, 2017, 06:06:53 AM

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For sale for restoration, these cars have been in dry storage for several years.
I need room for my MG-TD's and Porsche's.

1963 MGB- no rust, engine turns, on road 1978
1977 MGB- little rust, engine set, on road 1988
1970 MGB-wire wheels, some rust, 2 extra fenders,on road late /80's
1965 MGB-minimal rust, wire wheels, engine set, on road 1973
1979 MG Midget-excellent body, ran but bad bearing, on road 1995
1971 MGB-minimum rust, engine turns, on road 2003

All or none - $15,500 Cash

Please contact Bob Seager, Woodgate, NY at 315.392.2808.

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