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Started by Neal J., July 08, 2017, 11:51:56 AM

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Neal J.

On Wednesday August 16th (rain date August 23rd) I'm taking the day off to drive to Old Forge for lunch. Who's with me?

I thought we'd try a mid-week cruise through the forests of the adirondack foot hills and have lunch in Old Forge followed by some local shopping (if you've never been to Old Forge Hardware Store, you're missing a treat!).

We'll leave from a central location (TBA) around 9am and take the back roads up to Old Forge. Have lunch there and head back (back home around 5pm). Rain date is 8/23.

Please RSVP to Neal Johnson via either e-mail or phone. I'll need a count for lunch, and those that are going can help identify a central meeting place.

Please RSVP by 8/7 so I can make plans, or 315-343-9433


Neal Johnson


I'm in at this point in time.........

Gary Dorion

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